How It Works

The core of A3 Modeling is the most powerful cloud financial consolidation and modeling technology on the planet, Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services.

A3 Modeling brings this powerful cloud modeling to your fingertips in Microsoft Excel. This is not an Excel-like experience. This is native Excel, full featured, undiluted. Bring everything you know about Excel and take your game to enterprise scale.

Without A3, modeling corporate finance data in Excel is a time-consuming, error-prone process. Data must be exported from the ERP, MRP or general ledger system, reformatted, then manually imported into an Excel worksheet. Excel contains all business logic, and must handle all processing. That means models can be irreparably broken with a single keystroke, and worksheets can take as long as 15 minutes just to load. Sharing the worksheet creates duplicate copies for each recipient, eliminating the single source of truth model.

A3 turns end-user Excel into Enterprise Excel. Instead of exporting data from the system of record, reformatting it into rows and columns and importing it into Excel, raw transaction data, millions of records, are sent from the ERP, MRP or GL into a cube where consolidations are automatic, updates are instantaneous. Excel users report, analyze, budget and forecast in real-time.




























Users enjoy familiar Excel interface and functions, with the added ability to access richer datasets, instantly run complex calculations and share information without creating duplicates. No macros. No links. No technical scripting. Finally, Excel can do it all without workarounds or sluggish performance.


A3 can be deployed on-premise or securely and privately in the ultra-stable Microsoft Azure cloud. Either option can be up and running in days, with zero impact to existing workflows and utilizing existing models and worksheets.

Finance professionals innately understand financial consolidation cubes. Training is fast, easy, intuitive… an extension of your Excel skills.

Our customers tell us that A3 makes Excel fun again!
A3 can utilize all corporate data source types, including:
  • Relational
  • OLAP (Essbase and Analysis Services)
  • OLTP
  • Flat File
  • Spreadsheets
That means all ERP, MRP and general ledger solutions are supported, including:
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • NetSuite
  • SAP
  • Oracle
  • Infor
  • Sage
  • Epicor

A3 is compatible with the latest versions of Oracle database 11g, Solaris 11, Linux 5.5, Exadata, and SPARC Super Cluster. A3 is Exastack Ready.


As an Oracle ISV, A3 Solutions receives dedicated account management and bundled pricing of Oracle Hyperion Essbase and Oracle Database technologies when they are purchased in conjunction with A3 Modeling. Additionally, this close technology relationship ensures that we – and our clients – are among the first to receive software updates and take advantage of new features. A3 clients enjoy solution-specific, first-line technical support, with the option to call Oracle directly.As a Microsoft gold Certified partner, we have demonstrated our expertise with Microsoft technologies and proven our ability to meet clients’ needs by delivering superior solutions within the provider’s ecosystem. We have distinguished ourselves among Microsoft partners with a competency in ISV Software Solutions in business analytics, granting clients substantially discounted OEM pricing on SQL Server.

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