This is Enterprise Excel.

A3 is the ultimate solution for enterprise budgeting, forecasting, financial modeling and more – all within Excel.

Excel is a standby in corporate finance. It’s been leveraged in forecasting, budgeting and reporting workflows in every large company. Problem is, traditional end-user Excel can’t fully support large and mid-sized companies. Models break. It doesn’t scale well. Version control and collaboration are nonexistent. A3 supercharges Excel to unleash the true potential of the tool – and your finance team.

Enterprise Budgeting & Rolling Forecasts

Give your FP&A team the freedom and flexibility to deliver more actionable insights and significantly cut forecasting cycle times – all without ever leaving Excel.

Management Reporting & Analysis

A3 unleashes Excel’s reporting potential, empowering users to effortlessly combine data from different sources and produce rich content and beautiful presentations.

Multi-Entity Consolidation

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to multi-entity consolidations – particularly since all activities need to be GAAP and SOX compliant. A3 lets you handle everything within the same solution you use for budgeting, forecasting and reporting, dramatically increasing productivity and reducing cycle times.

Expense Budgeting

End users enjoy visually intuitive, colorful and compelling forecasting templates leveraging conditional formatting and validation checking to guide their efforts and highlight variances of significance.

Compensation Planning

Tailored for efficiency and precision, A3 Comp Modeling forecasts both domestic and foreign taxes and benefits tailored to your company’s unique business rules.

Driver-based Revenue Forcasting

No matter your revenue model, A3 forecasting cubes are unbreakable, naturally adjusting and scaling to your growing changing operations

Product/Customer Profitability

A3 gives you the superpower to identify profit and loss leaders and understand true profitability … all without leaving Excel.

Product/Customer Supply-Demand Planning

Maximize revenue and control costs by continuously reconciling supply and demand forecasts at customer, product, and warehouse level detail.

Balance Sheet & Cash Flow Forecasting

A3 Modeling provides access to both balance sheet “balances” and “activity” in order to permit flexible and accurate driver-based forecast modeling between your Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow statements.


Allocations can be enabled on any A3 cube for simple percentage based support allocations to complex, multi-staged, even recursive (goal-seeking) allocations based on financial or non-financial drivers (e.g., headcount, square footage, enrollment).

Capital Budgeting

Any costs with significant income statement, balance sheet, cash flow impacts are easily controlled and tracked using A3 Cap Modeling.