Keep Excel.

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Excel-powered cloud budgeting.

Enterprise Excel is an Excel-friendly cloud financial modeling app that helps FP&A Teams regain control over budgeting, forecasting, and scenario modeling – without the pain you’re currently experiencing; battling spreadsheets or managing a clunky web app. Just Excel-friendly color-coded models delivered in real-time

Chief Financial Officers
Financial Planning & Analysis Teams
Finance Directors

Enterprise Excel.

A formula for winning.

Goodbye spreadsheet silos
Goodbye frustrating browser apps
Hello control and creative freedom!

Spreadsheet Data Analysis

Don’t let “What-if” questions hijack another weekend. Empower your team with Enterprise Excel’s interactive modeling that delivers an individualized, data-driven experience for every user without having to rely on IT for maintenance. 

Enterprise Excel enables our newest release
Interactive Modeling™.
It's a game changer

Interactive Modeling™ empowers advanced Excel modelers to 3X productivity and unleashes your full creative freedom. Explore your entire GL from the consolidated financial statement to the most detailed transactions. Interactively design budgeting and forecasting templates, analyses, and reports…never leaving Excel. Now invite your entire business user community onto the model for high-speed budgeting and forecasting. No spreadsheet chaos. No cumbersome apps. You’ve completely bypassed IT. You are in control!

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Faster budget iterations
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All Excel, nothing but Excel, oh, except, for the Enterprise.

The business landscape has shifted, presenting a lose-lose dilemma: manual Excel programming leads to version errors and lacks scalability, and browser solutions are rigid and user-unfriendly. The solution? Enterprise Excel. FP&A organizations embracing it save time, make better decisions, and boost profits – a winning formula.

Data table colored

You deserve accurate financial insights, not spreadsheet battles.


Open Integration
SCALABILITY – Enterprise Excel is Enterprise Class

Open Integration
SCALABILITY – Enterprise Excel is Enterprise Class

See your data come alive! It's Free!

Your entire Finance team will interactively visualize your GL, collaborate, and gain deep insights using their Excel skills. An amazing value for your team, at no cost. Every month we open 5 slots. They fill up quickly.

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Of course, we want you to subscribe…DUH!… so it is our intention that you derive so much value from this free offer that when it comes time to subscribe, it’s a no-brainer! Unlock full FP&A Automation including enterprise budgeting, revenue forecasting and dynamic driver-based what-if scenario analysis. Click here


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Excelent Journeys with A3 Solutions


Before we subscribed to A3, we needed a small army of temps to handle budgeting, but it's so easy to maintain me and my analyst can handle everything.

Budget Manager (Appliance Mfg, $700M Revenue)

With A3 and Excel we understand the business better, we see the path ahead better, and there are fewer surprises.

CFO (Financial Services, $15B Assets)

We can go to the master template, make changes, and new models are instantly update for everyone.

Mgr of Financial Systems - Mgr of Financial Systems (Utilities, $1.5B Revenue)

A3 gave us the capabilities of scalable enterprise-class corporate performance management software from the largest vendors - but at our price, on our schedule and fully adaptable to our business process.

VP Planning (Banking, $8B Assets)

This software is great! It practically runs itself!

Director of FP&A (Media, $3B Revenue)

A3 Solutions has saved us so much time and effort. We can now focus on making better business decisions.

VP of Finance (Retail, $2B Revenue)

We love Excel and with Enterprise Excel we didn't have to give it up to get the scalability and security of a CPM app.

Director of Financial Systems (Construction, $1.5B Revenue)

Extremely Powerful but Elegantly Simple. My team can respond to changes and turn around requests instantly.

CFO (Real Estate, $700M Revenue)

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