BIRD? Plane? Excel!

We’ve given Excel superpowers. Modeling faster than a speeding bullet. More processing power than a locomotive. Sharing huge datasets in a single click. – no phonebooth required.

Let's Fly

A3 Makes Enterprise Excel

If Microsoft® had made Enterprise Excel, they would have made A3.

A3 uses the power of the cloud to transform Excel into the ultimate FP&A software solution. Say goodbye to everything you hate about Excel. Say hello to unbreakable data models, lightning-fast processing and total information security, all in the interface your finance wizards love.


"A3 gave us the capabilities of scalable, enterprise-class corporate performance management software from the largest vendors—but at our price, on our schedule, and fully adaptable to our business processes and accounts."

Senior VP & Director of FP&A

“With A3 and Excel, we understand the business better, we see the path ahead better, and there are fewer surprises.”

Director of Finance

"Before we got A3, we needed a small army of temps to handle budgeting. Now I can handle everything myself."

City Budget Director

"We can go to the master template file, make corrections, and new models are instantly updated for everyone."

Manager of Financial Systems
Honda Manufacturing

Division of American Honda Motor Co. Using A3 for the complex product and cost planning processes automated for improved efficiency and analysis of product cost.


$1.5B Mutual funds and advisory. Using A3 for integration of complex models for budgeting and revenue forecasts of financial services and mutual funds operation.

American Airlines

$20B US Airline. Using A3 for expense budgeting with management and executive reporting, as well as detailed regional labor allocations and analysis.

Johnson & Johnson

$50B Pharmaceutical and Healthcare. Using A3 for complex R&D project modeling that integrates human resource allocations with operational models for capital projects and manufacturing.


$70B Telecommunications provider. Using A3 for integration of diversified revenue models. Product and geographical profitability forecasts. Enterprise budgeting with compensation modeling.

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