Enterprise Budgeting Software

A3 Modeling turns Excel into the enterprise budgeting software solution of your FP&A team's dreams.

With A3, you don’t need to abandon Excel to get the budgeting and forecasting tools you need to efficiently produce accurate budgets and actionable insights. Forget the false choice between spreadsheets and costly corporate performance management software. A3 supercharges Excel with the power of the cloud, bringing you totally unbreakable data models, audit trails, version control, powerful collaboration tools, rock-solid information security, and more.

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A3 Modeling:

Enterprise Budgeting Software

With A3, Excel is finally capable of delivering the financial planning and analysis software features that finance professionals have dreamed of for years.

A3 centralizes organizations’ transaction-level data in a cloud “cube” by integrating directly with the ERP, MRP, general ledger, or accounting suite. This creates a single version of the truth from which Excel can pull data for modeling, analysis, what-if experiments, KPI monitoring, dashboard creation, and more.

A3 leverages the power of the cloud to run even the most complex calculations in seconds. Models can be shared without fear of breakage or loss of data integrity. Work product can be easily routed, dramatically shortening budget cycle times. It’s everything you love about Excel for enterprise budgeting without everything you hate.

Rolling forecasts. Integrated reporting. Bottom-up and top-down methodologies. If you need it, A3 has it.