Management Reporting & Analysis

Finally, your team can leverage the full extent of their Excel modeling skills to create and distribute highly meaningful, actionable financial reports.

For too long, finance departments’ C-suite reporting and analysis capabilities have been constrained either by Excel itself or feature-poor third-party technologies. A3 unleashes Excel’s reporting potential, empowering users to effortlessly combine data from different sources and produce rich content and beautiful presentations.


  • Combine Excel’s unrivaled flexibility with hyper-fast computing
  • Leverage conditional formatting, traffic lighting, graphs, charts and more
  • Easily add context, personalization, annotations and line-item notes
  • Trust completely unbreakable models and strict version control
  • Dive deep with drill-down and drill-through capabilities
  • Produce personalized dashboards for automated KPI monitoring
  • Securely share reports with granular user permissions
  • Re-use objects to create and maintain many reports with a few objects
  • Support one user or 1,000 with no dip in performance
  • Get up and running in weeks with low total cost of ownership

Your First Model. Completely free.

Want Enterprise Excel? It’s Yours.

Just sign up, and we’ll build a working model out of your real finance data, then show you how to use it. Forecasting. Budgeting. Multi-entity consolidation. Whatever you need, Excel really can handle it … if you have A3.