Multi-Entity Consolidation

With A3, monthly consolidations are a breeze – even for the most demanding enterprises. Better yet, the finance team can handle their processes directly in Excel.

Allocations processing. Inter-company eliminations. Currency conversions. Journal entries. There’s a lot to think about when it comes to multi-entity consolidations – particularly since all activities need to be GAAP and Sarbanes-Oxley compliant. Handle everything rigorously and securely within the same solution you use for budgeting, forecasting and reporting, dramatically increasing productivity and accuracy and reducing cycle times.


  • Dive deep into operational details and gain a true understanding of variances
  • Centralize data in a secure environment, eliminating redundancy and improving visibility
  • Ensure GAAP and SOX compliance
  • Integrate data flows to and from ERP, MRP and operational systems
  • Protect original data with strict version controls and revisions
  • Eliminate waiting and downtime with dynamic, real-time consolidations
  • Support even the most complex internal business rules, including partial ownership and proportionate reporting
  • Slice and dice data on the fly for fluid analysis and feedback
  • Easily support multiple currencies and staged, cascading allocations

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