Enterprise Budgeting & Rolling Forecasts

If your goal is enterprise budgeting and forecasting, your time to production is measured in days or weeks, guaranteed.

A3’s enterprise budgeting capabilities give your FP&A team the freedom and flexibility to deliver more actionable insights and significantly cut forecasting cycle times.

Our fully integrated set of components – including driver-based revenue forecasting, expense budgeting, compensation planning, capital budgeting, allocations, supply-demand forecasting and profitability forecasting – truly supercharges Excel.

Chances are, you and your team have spent years building your models, processes and Excel skills. You don’t need to change them just because Excel can’t keep up. The A3 Modeling platform makes the world’s most-used budgeting, forecasting and financial planning application fast, stable and secure enough for even the biggest enterprise.


  • Keep everything you love about Excel and lose everything you don’t
  • Stay penny-accurate with automated data flows and unbreakable models
  • Securely share reports and what-if analyses with a click
  • Run and tune complex models instantly with hyper-fast processing
  • Enjoy integrated reporting, consolidations and dashboards
  • Integrate and reconcile diverse business views
  • Support bottom-up and top-down methodologies, and complex financial rules
  • Run rolling forecasts with incremental “actuals” population
  • Conduct interactive what-if analysis across the entire corporate hierarchy
  • Automatically monitor budget progress and KPIs all in Excel!

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