Case Study: PlainsCapital Bank

PlainsCapital Bank Accelerated Financial Decision Making through Improved Reporting

Recently I shared a case study about how a Fortune 100 grocery retailer used A3 Modeling to improve efficiency and profits. Today I want to share the story of how PlainsCapital Bank unified its financial model across three lines of business – Retail Banking, Brokerage, and Investment Banking. Once they acquired the new lines of business their finances became exponentially more complicated. It took days to create reports and hours to answer simple questions. With A3, all that changed. The PlainsCapital finance team can now supply answers as fast as decision makers can ask questions. To read the full case study, produced by our partner Microsoft, click on the image below to learn how PlainsCapital accelerated financial decision making through improved reporting with A3 Solutions.

About the Author:

Rob Lautt is a graduate of Princeton University School of Engineering. Veteran in both finance and IT departments in manufacturing and distribution industries, Mr. Lautt is the visionary behind A3 Modeling and the Spreadsheet Automation Server that powers it.