A3 Unified Reporting

Break Free of Traditional Reporting Limitations

A3 Unified Reporting is a revolutionary product that expands the scope of push-button Financial Statement Reporting (FSR). Unified Reporting eliminates the “last mile” of manual effort by expanding the reach of high-integrity, push-button financial statement reporting into multiple non-traditional sources, including third-party applications, databases and file types.

Increase Confidence in Both the Reporting Process and the Numbers

  • Eliminate errors due to manual processing.
  • Establish version control and audit of all reporting sources.
  • Automate Reporting Across Platforms, Data Sources, and File Types.
  • Quickly and accurately respond to questions about the Close, Budget, or Financial Reporting package. Full audit, version control, and drilldown analysis allow customers to “follow the money” with speed and ease.

Reduce Reporting Cycle Time While Increasing Polish and Professionalism

  • Simultaneously editing of document sections by multiple users.
  • Track edits, and roll back or roll forward.
  • Rerun reports within minutes of adjustments to financial statements.
  • Push-button publication of Close, Budget, and Submission Books.
  • Automate Reporting Across Multiple Data Sources, Applications, and File Types.
  • Combine data with contextual narrative.
  • Automatically combine multiple levels of sub-documents into final budget or close book.

Save Money & Reduce Labor Costs

  • Traditionally, data from disparate sources was compiled manually. No longer. A3 Unified Reporting allows customers to reach into different applications, file types, and data sources, eliminating the errors and labor associated with the “last mile” of manual compilation.
  • Empower business users to create secure, auditable, WYSIWIG reports without IT intervention.