A3 Modeling: Where Excel Meets the Enterprise
Maximize Productivity, Flexibility and Control

A3 Modeling – Comprehensive CPM Both Cloud and On Premise

Full spectrum enterprise CPM including Budgeting, Forecasting, Consolidations, Management Reporting and Dashboards with deployment options and pricing for companies of any size. You choose – Cloud or On Premise. Enjoy the labor savings and instant startup of the Cloud, or the added security and deep customization and integration possibilities of an On Premise deployment.

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Elevate Excel to Enterprise-scale

Raise your budgeting and driver-based rolling forecasting to enterprise scale without giving up the flexibility and familiarity of Microsoft Excel. That’s right. No more macros. No more links. Let the cube do the work. Just real-time modeling and real-time consolidations. Learn how A3 Modeling eliminates the labor and frustration of reconciliation, liberating you to focus on high value analysis.

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Are you worried about software vendors’ false promises? Not here. Try a FREE MODEL and eliminate the risk. Load years of history – millions of transactions – and let us show off the power of A3 Modeling. Experience hands-on before you buy how real-time spreadsheet models will change your life.

A3 Delivers Enterprise Class Financial Planning
For any Company or Organization Size

Why use A3? Because our patented Spreadsheet Automation Server™ enables faster consolidations and more productive users at lower total cost!

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A3 Modeling: Designed to Solve these
Important Financial Challenges

Challenge #1:
You struggle to keep your executives informed. Your general ledger lacks adequate budgeting, management reporting and analytics to enable you to respond on a timely basis.

A3 Modeling is a quick and comprehensive solution to keeping your executives informed. Up-to-the minute, 24/7 Management and Variance Reporting, Executive Dashboards and extremely rapid budgeting cycles ensure your executive are thoroughly informed

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Creating Financial ClarityWith A3 Modeling

Challenge #2:
You’ve outgrown your Excel models and processes and you need to transition smoothly to an enterprise solution

In fact, your Excel does a great job modeling your budgets and forecasts. It’s just that due to company growth and turnover, maintaining those models has become labor-intensive and error prone. This is the perfect setup for A3 Modeling which capitalizes on your existing models while moving you quickly to cloud (or on premise) based real-time consolidation cubes.

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Unifying SpreadsheetsWith A3 Modeling

Challenge #3:
You are stuck in a cumbersome and inflexible Hyperion or Cognos deployment requiring highly technical and costly resources to develop and maintain

Let us introduce you to multiple enterprises who have tried and replaced Hyperion and Cognos with A3 Modeling. Hard to believe? Worried A3 Modeling can’t scale to meet your requirements? Take us up on our offer to load a FREE MODEL with years of history, millions of transactions, and let us show off the consolidation and modeling power of A3 Modeling. It is all made possible by our patented Spreadsheet Automation™ server which delivers more functionality and higher performance than legacy enterprise platforms at a fraction of the overall labor and cost.

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Saving Time & CostsWith A3 Modeling

Unify Budgeting, Forecasting, Consolidations,
and Dashboards

Take Control

Leverage your finance team’s expertise with spreadsheets. Be self-sufficient! Minimal need for consulting. No IT support.

Get Insight

Forecast and consolidate diverse businesses in a unified cube. No silos. Accurate budgets and plans with real time reporting and dashboards.

Reduce Risk

Available on premise or in the cloud. Deployed in as little as 2 weeks, customers report up to 400% ROI. Over 20 years success with large Enterprises.

A3 Modeling: Powered by Our Cost Saving
Spreadsheet Automation Server™ Technology

Faster to Deploy

A3 Modeling will snap onto your database of your design containing any number of OLAP cubes and relational tables of any dimensionality and deploy in a fraction of the time versus alternative solutions.

Less Effort to Maintain

A3 Modeling requires 90% less in ongoing Admin and IT support as it is a single unified product that includes Enterprise Budgeting, Rolling Forecasting, Management Reporting, Multi-entity Consolidations, Dashboards and Analysis.

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Lower Total Cost of Ownership

A3 Modeling is 90% lower total cost to acquire, deploy and maintain, with no compromise in functionality. In fact, customers report greater flexibility to model the nuances of their business.

Let A3 Solutions Help Your Business Reach
It’s Full Financial Potential Today
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