A3 Solutions Continues to Drive Down the Cost of Enterprise Budgeting

A3 Modeling 2016 is more flexible, more scalable, lower cost to deploy and maintain than comparable high-end products from Oracle Hyperion, IBM Cognos, and web-only vendors.

Today, A3 Solutions announced the release of A3 Modeling 2016. Already a standard setter at the high-end of the corporate performance management market, company representatives claim that A3 Modeling 2016 now makes deployment of more sophisticated, enterprise-class budgeting and forecasting solutions even faster and lower cost.

“Our latest release of A3 Modeling targets power users and administrators charged with deploying and maintaining enterprise-class solutions,” said Rob Lautt, Founder and CEO of A3 Solutions. “As a power user, you live and breathe Excel. How about leveraging your Excel skills to run your enterprise-class CPM solution? Without sacrificing our hallmark power and flexibility, A3 Modeling 2016 introduces features that make cube design, template and report writing, and KPI dashboard authoring more intuitive.”

Leveraging Microsoft SQL Server and/or Oracle Essbase cubes in the cloud or on premise and delivering input templates and reports to end users in their familiar environment of Excel, A3 Modeling is being applied by large and mid-market enterprises in a diverse spectrum of analytic applications including:

  1. Multidimensional Revenue Modeling
  2. Driver-based Balance Sheet and Cashflow Forecasting
  3. Expense Budgeting with Drillthrough to Transactions and Line-item Detail
  4. Detailed Employee Compensation and Headcount Planning
  5. Capital Budgeting
  6. Strategic Planning and Acquisition Modeling

In a 5-star review, the system administrator overseeing 500+ users in a multi-billion technology services company said: “A3 is an extremely powerful, yet affordable, enterprise grade financial planning and reporting system. The strengths of the system are: Flexibility… Value… Self-sufficiency.”

A3 Modeling Dashboard Banking Model Credit
A3 Modeling Dashboard Banking Model Finance

About the Author:

A3 Solutions is the developer of A3 Modeling, a powerful enterprise budgeting, forecasting, reporting and performance management platform. Inspired by the needs of Fortune 500 customers solving real-world problems, A3 Modeling enables you to solve the most challenging budgeting and Corporate Performance Management problems easily and cost effectively.