Don Quixote, ROI, and Corporate Performance Management

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Well, their meanings have been diluted, and the powerful ideas they stand for have been undermined and distorted. In addition, I am a passionate fan of all three, so for the foreseeable future, I commit these blog posts to exploring the ideals they represent and rediscovering their vibrancy and power.

But… Don Quixote?

Yes, one of my favorite literary figures… for his honor, chivalry, and selfless courage in pursuit of the greater good. We have so much in common

“But,” you ask, “wasn’t he a little… off? I mean, aren’t you admiring a crazy man?”

Oh, no, no. Don’t disrespect my boy Don. Here’s a man who dares to dream the impossible dream and, not so much out of choice but of calling to a higher purpose, risks everything to pursue it. If that’s the definition of crazy, then I am guilty of the same… and this world needs more crazy!

After all, we share the same gene…the hallucinatory gene of the entrepreneur! As much as any other figure I’ve run across, Don Quixote embodies the entrepreneurial spirit…the courage, the determination, the vulnerability.

So, I now welcome you to my blog, On CPM. By sharing, first hand, my experience from a front-row seat in the industry, my hope is that your appreciation grows for the potential of CPM to transform your business, that you gain more insight into the value of ROI and practical techniques for calculating it, and that you are often entertained, and occasionally even inspired, by the off-beat and often contrarian truths of this admittedly quixotic entrepreneur.

About A3 Solutions and A3 Customers

A3 Solutions is the developer of A3 Modeling, the leading spreadsheet automation platform for web-based Enterprise Budgeting and Corporate Performance Management solutions. More flexible, with a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) than competing products, A3 Modeling is available as a SaaS and On-Premise offering that tightly integrates with leading enterprise OLAP and relational database technology from Oracle/Hyperion and Microsoft.

To find out how American Airlines, Avon, Cox Communications, McDonald’s, Safeway, Toyota, Williams Sonoma, Verizon, and other Fortune 1000 enterprises use A3 Modeling to align their organizations, accelerate decision-making, and turn strategy into action, visit or call 1 (415) 302-0158.

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