A3 Solutions, YOUR Spreadsheets, and OLAP…a Unified Consolidation Made in Heaven

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Ah, but there is a solution. Brace yourself…it’s a nasty-looking acronym, a little wild, mysterious, and esoteric. But hang in here with me. It’s worth a minute of understanding.

O-L-A-P… OLAP, aka Online Analytical Processing. It’s the power behind the scenes – it turns your spreadsheet into an enterprise-class application.

Slip an OLAP cube behind your spreadsheet and your personal spreadsheet transforms into a Consolidation, Analysis, Reporting, and Collaboration MACHINE! A robust, enterprise-class application that can service the financial reporting demands of hundreds of your fellow managers and executives hungry to see their latest performance results and KPIs.

Actually, it’s not really so wild, mysterious, and esoteric. Oracle sells it. SAP sells it. Microsoft sells the most popular and powerful OLAP database on the market, called Analysis Services. It’s a feature set of SQL Server, the most popular relational database program in the world.

Flick it on, add spreadsheets, blend in a little A3 Modeling….and start consolidating! You’ll be impressed at how quickly your data starts to make more sense and how easy it is to plan and model your business.

See for yourself. If you would like to take us up on a Free Model, in which we load your real-world data into analysis services cubes, you can experience A3 Modeling live from within Excel. See for yourself why your spreadsheets plus A3 Modeling and a little OLAP are a consolidation made in heaven!

About A3 Solutions and A3 Customers

A3 Solutions is the developer of A3 Modeling, the leading spreadsheet automation platform for web-based Enterprise Budgeting and Corporate Performance Management solutions. More flexible, with a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) than competing products, A3 Modeling is available as a SaaS and On-Premise offering that tightly integrates with leading enterprise OLAP and relational database technology from Oracle/Hyperion and Microsoft.

To find out how American Airlines, Avon, Cox Communications, McDonald’s, Safeway, Toyota, Williams Sonoma, Verizon, and other Fortune 1000 enterprises use A3 Modeling to align their organizations, accelerate decision-making, and turn strategy into action, visit A3Solutions.com or call 1 (415) 302-0158.

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