A3 Solutions is Passionate about Budget and Forecasting Performance

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Our Product is Our Passion, Our Customers are Our Calling.

Bucking the trend of “churn and burn startups”, A3 Solutions will soon be celebrating our 25th year in business. As we are not venture-funded, we do not have the distractions of outside investors demanding high growth and higher costs to our customers. We do not come with the instability of “buying market share” through deficit spending and seeking a quick exit. On the contrary, our success is based on delivering satisfaction to every one of our customers, year after year, over 25 years of stability. Organically conceived and grown, you, our customers are our number one priority and our primary focus.

A3 Solutions is Passionate about maximizing your Budget and Forecasting Performance

We are passionate about maximizing the speed and value of your budgeting and financial analysis processes. We have developed a product, A3 Modeling, that is a direct reflection of this passion. We know that your success depends on empowering you and your end-users with the most productive and intuitive tools possible. To that end we have continuously perfected A3 Modeling over our 25 years in business, guaranteeing that you, our customer, have access to the most complete and state-of-the-art feature set available.

How does A3 do it?

What’s really important to us are our vision, creativity, deep knowledge of our customers’ pain… and a passion to help you. Early in our history, we made inspired decisions that, to this day, give us advantages over larger companies many times our size. Probably the most important philosophical advantage that we have is that we refuse to reinvent the wheel. If we can leverage the best consolidation cube technology out there – Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services – why build our own database? If the most flexible, familiar, and high-performing analytical tool for end users is already on our users’ desktops – Microsoft Excel – why build our own user interface? By leveraging Microsoft’s development engine, we start out light years ahead of even the most lucratively venture-backed engineering team. This translates into a more stable and tested solution architecture at a fraction of the cost.

What is the A3 Modeling experience?

With A3 Modeling you get your financials at your fingertips, in “N” dimensions down to the most granular level of transaction detail. You and your users intuitively and efficiently set targets, do your what-ifs, enter your forecasts, and track your performance. No other product gives you so much power, no other approach gives you so much control and flexibility, and no other solution makes you so self-sufficient, requiring so little ongoing dependence on IT staff and outside consultants.

Easy To Evaluate

…and we don’t sell like the other guys either. We want to be completely transparent and incredibly easy to evaluate. Since A3 Modeling makes creating solutions so easy and fast, our approach is to load your data free of charge so that you can experience A3 Modeling hands-on before you buy.

Take the uncertainty and risk completely out of the buying process. Sign up now for a Free Model and see what A3 can do for your business.

About A3 Solutions and A3 Customers

A3 Solutions is the developer of A3 Modeling, the leading spreadsheet automation platform for web-based Enterprise Budgeting and Corporate Performance Management solutions. More flexible, with a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) than competing products, A3 Modeling is available as a SaaS and On-Premise offering that tightly integrates with leading enterprise OLAP and relational database technology from Oracle/Hyperion and Microsoft.

To find out how American Airlines, Avon, Cox Communications, McDonald’s, Safeway, Toyota, Williams Sonoma, Verizon, and other Fortune 1000 enterprises use A3 Modeling to align their organizations, accelerate decision-making, and turn strategy into action, visit A3Solutions.com or call 1 (415) 302-0158.

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