A3 Unified Reporting Saves Labor, Increases Budgeting Accuracy for City of Reno

Push-Button Budgeting, Reporting Increases Financial Control in Challenging Economic Times

A3 Solutions, Inc., a leader in Enterprise Budgeting and Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solutions, today announced general availability of A3 Unified Reporting, a revolutionary addition to the company’s flagship product, A3 Modeling. A3 Unified Reporting eliminates the “last mile” of manual effort by expanding the reach of high-integrity Financial Statement Reporting (FSR) into multiple non-traditional sources, including third-party applications, databases, and file types.

The City of Reno successfully deployed A3 Unified Reporting successfully, saving time and money while reducing errors.

“For the City of Reno, the benefits of A3 Unified Reporting have been immediate,” said Kevin Knutson, Director of the Office of Management & Budget. “The cost to produce our budget package has already been reduced and accuracy increased. We now make revisions and updates with instant turnaround, and we intend to expand use of A3 Modeling and A3 Unified Reporting in the future.”

“A3 Unified Reporting represents a breakthrough in Corporate Performance Management,” said Rob Lautt, CEO and Founder of A3 Solutions. “Traditionally, vendors in this space limit reporting to data exclusively within their application. A3 Unified Reporting breaks this boundary and allows you to design reports that reach into other applications, file types, and data sources.”

Benefits of A3 Unified Reporting

1) Confidence in the numbers – Quickly and accurately respond to questions about the Close, Budget, or Financial Statement Reporting package. Full audit, version control, and drilldown analysis allow customers to “follow the money” with speed and ease.

2) Reduced cycle time – Push-button publication of Close, Budget, and Statutory Submission Books. Rerun reports within minutes of adjustments to financial statements.

3) Labor savings – Traditionally, data from disparate sources was compiled manually. Not any more. A3 Unified Reporting allows customers to reach into different applications, file types, and data sources, eliminating the errors and labor associated with the “last mile” of manual compilation.

See A3 Unified Reporting for more information about features and benefits.

About A3 Solutions and A3 Customers

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