Corporate Budgeting Software

A3 Enterprise Excel turns Excel into the ultimate corporate budgeting software and forecasting solution. It’s everything you love about the world’s leading finance application, without broken formulas, slow performance, difficult collaboration.

A3 gives your FP&A team the freedom and flexibility to deliver more actionable insights and significantly cut forecasting cycle times. Our fully integrated set of components – including driver-based revenue forecasting, expense budgeting, workforce planning, capital budgeting, allocations, balance sheet forecasting and cash flow modeling – truly supercharges Excel.

Budgeting & Forecasting: All in Excel

If Microsoft had built Excel as an enterprise-grade corporate budgeting software solution capable of supporting the unique budgeting needs of corporate finance departments, they would have built A3.

A3 Enterprise Excel empowers finance professionals to do their best work when it comes to budgeting, rolling forecasts, expense budgeting, compensation planning, and more. Users enjoy visually intuitive, colorful and compelling templates, blink-of-an-eye performance, incredibly simple data import/export and totally secure collaboration – all without leaving the application they’ve been using for years.

One-click what-if analyses. Integrated reporting. Bottom-up and top-down methodologies. If you need it, A3 has it.

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