Expense Budgeting

Turn on Expense Budgeting nearly “out of the box."

With your cube connected to and refreshed from your general ledger, department budgeting input templates design themselves. End users enjoy visually intuitive, colorful and compelling forecasting templates leveraging conditional formatting and validation checking to guide their efforts and highlight variances of significance.


  • Updates are interactive; consolidations and summary reporting are instantaneous
  • You, the admin, are in control with workflow tracking and notifications
  • Enforce “Itemizations” on key accounts (e.g., travel) to collect a more granular forecast of expected activity
  • With a few clicks, update the current year forecast with the latest actuals and initialize your next rolling forecast
  • Curious users can interactively drill through to see underlying transactions
  • Secure your cubes at any level of granularity so end users see only the information they are authorized to see
  • Set permission by department, product line, region, or account at any level of hierarchy reflecting real world authority
  • Retain unlimited budgets, forecasts and what-if scenarios

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