Pre-configured Solutions

Your Spreadsheet Models? Or Ours?

You may leverage your existing spreadsheet logic or choose from our pre-configured solutions.

Try Our Pre-Configured Solutions for even greater more functionality for lower cost and labor and within days you will be live with a Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solution that is more flexible and responsive and lower total cost than industry leaders.

Our “Pre-configured Solutions” represent a breakthrough in ease of deployment, ease of maintenance and ease of use.

Pre-configured and fully-integrated, these models are proven in production at Fortune 500 enterprises. Because they run on A3 Modeling and are powered by our Spreadsheet Automation Server, you can easily tailor Pre-configured Solutions with custom business logic to meet your specific needs. Models cover a large array of budgeting areas and can be individually or collectively plugged into your application. Many customers round out their our own automated spreadsheet models by plugging in Pre-configured Solutions to complete their solution.

All “Pre-configured Solutions” scale to meet the needs of the largest enterprises, and include the complete spectrum of A3 Modeling Features. At this time the following “Pre-configured Solutions” are available free of charge with the purchase of A3 Modeling.

  • Expense budgeting
  • Compensation planning
  • Capital budgeting

Expense Budgeting

Expense budgeting is a Pre-configured Solution that allows the collection, instantaneous consolidation, and reporting on budgets, plans, and rolling forecasts. These budgets can be established with whatever structure and detail desired, and monitored against actual and/or forecast expenses. Management reporting, trend analysis and variance reporting across a flexible time-horizon by cost-center, total company and all intermediate levels is included.

Compensation Planning

Compensation planning is a Pre-configured Solution for corporations needing highly secure planning, analysis and reporting related to corporate-wide employee level impact of compensation and benefits. This Model lets companies to model existing, new, and replacement staff, whether full-time, part-time, or temporary, and provides pin-point accuracy of forecasted benefits costs, state and federal taxes, and retirement. Non-US compensation and currency translation is available.

Capital Budgeting

Capital budgeting is a Pre-configured Solution for planning, analysis and reporting of capital and project related costs and balance sheet impacts. Capital Budgeting allows users model the acquisition, depreciation or amortization, and divestiture or retirement of corporate assets. Seamlessly integrating A3 Modeling makes sophisticated capital planning accessible to project teams and department personnel, while maintaining centralized control over model authoring, delivery and data collection.