Multi-Entity Consolidation

Secure and Rigorous Consolidation for Any Enterprise

A3 Modeling securely and rigorously supports the monthly consolidation processes of the most demanding enterprise. With A3 Modeling, you enjoy fully customized and highly sophisticated allocations processing, inter-company eliminations, currency conversion, and journal entries – that are all GAAP and Sarbanes-Oxley compliant. In addition, unlike many traditional packaged offerings, our consolidations capability is an integral part of A3 Modeling, which enables comprehensive and fully integrated consolidations, reporting, analysis, budgeting and dashboard capability that are all configured and managed on a single technology platform.

Features include:

  • Enhanced Decision Making
  • Faster consolidation and management reporting cycle times
  • Deeper visibility into operational detail, ensuring better understanding of variances
  • Greater confidence due to centralized data, elimination of redundancy, faster analysis, and seamless visibility
  • Compliance
  • Security that ensures that authorized users receive appropriate oversight
  • Elimination of manual processing with disconnected systems and data redundancy
  • Automation and integration with ERP and operational systems
  • Productivity & Functionality
  • “Adjustment layer” ensures integrity of base data and the ability to trace, and roll back
  • Dynamic, real-time consolidations eliminate waiting and downtime
  • Drag-and-drop interface for dynamic corporate reorganizations
  • Secure, ad-hoc slice-and-dice ensure fluid analysis and instant feedback on variances
  • Automated (algorithmic), recurring, and manual eliminations and adjustments that are configurable to support the most complex and idiosyncratic business rules
  • Partial ownership and proportionate reporting
  • Staged, cascading allocations
  • Multiple currency support
  • Multiple and shared hierarchical structures (i.e., “management book” vs. “statutory book”)
  • Full batch and interactive management reporting
  • Automated debt and equity funding algorithms