Enterprise Budgeting and Rolling Forecasting

Leverage Your Existing Spreadsheet or Ours!

With A3 Modeling you will not start from scratch. Unlike traditional packages that force you to discard your investment in spreadsheets and re-engineer your complex budgeting rules and processes from scratch, A3 Modeling, with patent-pending Spreadsheet Automation Server technology, allows you to capitalize on your core spreadsheet logic and fully leverage your Excel modeling skills.

A3 also offers a suite of production-ready, fully-integrated “Pre-configured Solutions” that are proven in production at multiple large enterprises and that you can easily to tailor to your specific needs. These templates can be individually or collectively plugged into your application, and mixed and matched with your own automated spreadsheet models to complete your enterprise solution. Templates include:

Pre-Configured Budgeting Solutions

  • Revenue Forecasting
  • Expense Budgeting and Rolling Forecasts
  • Compensation, Headcount and Benefits Planning
  • Capital Budgeting

Budgeting Features

  • “No Limits” Spreadsheet Automation Server technology
  • Leverage your existing spreadsheet systems
  • Capitalize on your team’s Excel expertise
  • Full integration with Reporting, Consolidations, Dashboards
  • Comprehensive solution
  • Integrates and reconciles diverse business views e.g., marketing, operations and finance
  • Simultaneous support for both bottom-up and top-down methodologies
  • Full support for complex financial rules and allocation processes
  • Rolling forecasts with incremental ‘actuals’ population
  • Efficiency and productivity features seasonal and pattern spreading wizards
  • Conduct interactive what-if analysis across the entire corporate hierarchy
  • Process management through workflow
  • Line item detail and annotations
  • Ability to link to homegrown models with the option of preserving links for future sessions
  • Detail driver-based forecasting
  • Versioning and variance reporting
  • Dashboard monitoring of budget progress and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Online and offline usage
  • High relevancy, high personalization, “no-limits” Excel modeling flexibility
  • Dynamic, context-driven spreadsheet models, built on-demand, in real time
  • Instant results of complex financial modeling rules
  • Powerful administration features
  • Security: Easy to manage, highly flexible security and audit functionality
  • Enforcement of corporate goals and business rules
  • Centralized input repository with controls for user input
  • Scenario management