Dashboards & Scorecards

Monitor Business Performance Visually

Configure standardized KPI Dashboards and Balanced Scorecards that bring everyone in your organization onto the same page. A3 Modeling offers the right balance of centralized control over layout and metadata and end-user freedom to tailor for specific needs.

Easily navigate and monitor variances, trends, and objectives at all levels of the organization for which you have security authorization. See an exception? Intuitively follow the money with ad-hoc drill down and analysis.

Products & Service - Dashboards & Scorecards

KPI Dashboards:

  • Drive Alignment & Accelerate Consensus
  • Configure a library of dashboards to which end-users can subscribe
  • Design each dashboard with its own theme – e.g., revenue, spending, inventory, human resources
  • Choose from a variety of available charts and graphs to create the most visually meaningful view
  • Grant end users the appropriate level of freedom to interact with the dashboards

Balanced Scorecards:

  • Convert Strategy into Execution
  • Design a standardized scorecard layout for controlled distribution
  • Include charts, graphs, tables, $’s, statistics, and textual data
  • Track progress, flag variances
  • Flag discrepancies and drill down for further ad-hoc analysis