A3 Modeling — Software as a Service (SaaS)

Your Comprehensive Budgeting and Corporate Performance Management Solution
Quicker to Deploy, Greater Ease of Use, Lower Total Cost To Own
Also Available as a Software as a Service (SaaS)

A3 Modeling on Premise enables the full spectrum of Corporate Performance Management (CPM) – Enterprise Budgeting, Rolling Forecasting, Management Reporting, Multi-entity Consolidations, Dashboards and Ad-hoc Analysis – all under a single unified technology. Powered by our patent pending Spreadsheet Automation Server™ and leveraging highly intuitive, real-time consolidation “OLAP” database technology, solutions configured using A3 Modeling are: faster to deploy, easier to use, and have lower total cost of ownership.

A3 Modeling in the Cloud has all of the power and flexibility of our “on-premise” version while delivering the substantial cost savings, labor efficiencies and conveniences of allowing us to host your solution. We work with a short list of award-winning data centers to configure highly optimized and scalable “turnkey” installations of A3 Modeling. Offload your IT hardware, software and maintenance costs to us for a surprisingly low cost. Hosted solutions reduce labor, save travel costs, and can be scaled instantly to meet your changing needs.

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Benefits of A3 Modeling in the Cloud:

  • Instant “on”. No hardware or network equipment requisitions or setup. No software or operating systems installation and configuration.
  • Zero interruption of existing systems, with the capability to run in parallel without conflict.
  • Low up-front subscription costs. You “subscribe” to your solution on a month-to-month basis.
  • Labor efficiencies and reduced travel costs that result in 30-40% reduction in solution deployment and ongoing maintenance costs.
  • Flexibility to capitalize or expense your CPM project.
  • Award-winning data center services that are evaluated for compliance, reliability, disaster preparedness, and their ability to customize our solution to meet your specific regulatory and business needs.

Faster to Deploy

Requires just spreadsheet and cube design skills. No macros, no links, no technical scripting. Compare to alternatives that require many weeks of highly technical consultants, and knowledge of proprietary programming languages

Snaps onto the most natural and intuitively designed financial and operational cubes and tables. No compromises. No workarounds! Place the calculation logic where it is most optimal, in either the spreadsheet model or the central cubes. Compare to so called state-of-the-art platforms that impose limitations that cripple the OLAP cube design, and whose front-ends support minimal calculation logic forcing unnecessary complexity and performance load on the calculation server.

Greater Ease of Use

End users enjoy full-on spreadsheet models delivered to them in real-time, and personalized to include just the information they need including formulas, formatting, protection. Make a change, see the bottom-line impact instantly; no frustrating round-trips to the server every time you make a change…after all, it’s a spreadsheet! Compare to proprietary web forms that support simplistic data queries and minimal financial logic, and that bog down under larger volumes of data forcing the user to page through multiple views and to “hit the server” many times per session to see updated values.

Did we say it’s a spreadsheet? Familiar, intuitive, yet secure and protected. But it’s real-time. Press a button and changed values find their way back to the server where consolidation is instantaneous. NO sending files around by email, NO links to maintain, NO macros to write and update, NO “Excel-like” webforms that support limited logic and functionality.

Lower Total Cost to Own (TCO)

Installs in a few minutes with a single wizard. Input models, reports, dashboards, and analyses all share centralized and data-driven metadata and security. Compare to vendors that require five, six or seven product installations, and who find it necessary to develop special workspaces to approximate the experience of an integrated feel while requiring multiple consultants working full-time in the background to keep all of the pieces synchronized.

Our customers who are familiar with both A3 Modeling and one or more competing products report that in every traditional category of total cost of ownership (TCO), including licensing or hosting fees, hardware costs, deployment costs, software maintenance fees, IT support, and ongoing consulting costs (and even the non-traditional hidden category of end-user productivity which can often dwarf other costs), A3 Modeling outperforms competitors by between 3X and 10X.

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Not Merely Integrated…Unified

How can A3 Modeling, with its flexibility, ease of deployment and comprehensiveness, deliver all of that for a price of a package? One word: Unified.

Using the Spreadsheet Application Server as its foundation, A3 Modeling delivers the comprehensive spectrum of Corporate Performance Management functionality in a single code-base going against a single database. Whether you are looking for Enterprise Budgeting, Rolling Forecasting, Statutory Consolidations, Management Reporting, Operational Modeling (mixed financial and non-financial data), or KPI Dashboards, there is just one product to install, one security scheme to set up and manage, and one database to feed from your transaction systems. A3 Modeling is designed to “snap-on” to any model, the “natural” model of your enterprise, regardless of business logic or dimensionality. No compromise. No costly workarounds.

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