A3 Modeling (On Premise)

A3 Modeling enables the full spectrum of Corporate Performance Management (CPM) – Enterprise Budgeting, Rolling Forecasting, Management Reporting, Multi-entity Consolidations, Dashboards and Adhoc Analysis – all under a single unified technology. Powered by our patent pending Spreadsheet Automation Server(tm) and leveraging highly intuitive, real-time consolidation “OLAP” database technology, solutions configured using A3 Modeling are:

  • Quick to deploy
  • Easiest to use for both end-users and administrators
  • Low total cost to own (TCO)

A3 Modeling as a Service (SaaS)

A3 Modeling SaaS has all of the power and flexibility of our “on-premise” version while delivering the substantial cost savings, labor efficiencies and conveniences of allowing us to host your solution. We work with a short list of award-winning data centers to configure highly optimized and scalable “turnkey” installations of A3 Modeling. Offload your IT hardware, software and maintenance costs to us for a surprisingly low cost. Hosted solutions reduce labor, save travel costs, and can be scaled instantly to meet your changing needs.

A3 Unified Reporting

Break Free of Traditional Reporting Limitations: A3 Unified Reporting is a revolutionary product that expands the scope of push-button Financial Statement Reporting (FSR). Unified Reporting eliminates the “last mile” of manual effort by expanding the reach of high-integrity, push-button financial statement reporting into multiple non-traditional sources, including third-party applications, databases and file types.

A3 Technology

As one of our customers put it: “Why spend so much for budgeting? A3 Modeling is easier, more flexible, and much less expensive to own.” In fact, in a survey of customers that have experience with both A3 Modeling and popular Corporate Performance Management (CPM) alternatives, A3 comes out ahead in the categories that matter.

Enterprise Budgeting and Rolling Forecasting

With A3 Modeling you will not start from scratch. Unlike traditional packages that force you to discard your investment in spreadsheets and re-engineer your complex budgeting rules and processes from scratch, A3 Modeling, with patent-pending Spreadsheet Automation Server technology, allows you to capitalize on your core spreadsheet logic and fully leverage your Excel modeling skills.

Secure and Timely Management Reporting & Analysis

A3 Modeling interfaces tightly with a wide variety of corporate ERP and operational systems to enable timely and secure management reporting and analysis. In addition, the Spreadsheet Automation Server technology capitalizes deeply on Excel for both the end-user interface and the configuration environment.

Pre-configured Solutions

A3 Solutions “Pre-configured Solutions” represent a breakthrough in ease of deployment, ease of maintenance and ease of use. Pre-configured and fully-integrated, these models are proven in production at Fortune 500 enterprises. Click below to learn more…

Multi-Entity Consolidation

A3 Modeling securely and rigorously supports the monthly consolidation processes of the most demanding enterprise. With A3 Modeling, you enjoy fully customized and highly sophisticated allocations processing, inter-company eliminations, currency conversion, and journal entries – that are all GAAP and Sarbanes-Oxley compliant. Click below to learn more…

Dashboards & Scorecards

Configure standardized KPI Dashboards and Balanced Scorecards that bring everyone in your organization onto the same page. A3 Modeling offers the right balance of centralized control over layout and metadata and end-user freedom to tailor for specific needs. Click below to learn more…