Unify Budgeting, Forecasting, Consolidations, and Dashboards

Take Control

Leverage your finance team’s expertise with spreadsheets. Be self-sufficient! Minimal need for consulting. No IT support.

Get Insight

Forecast and consolidate diverse businesses in a unified cube. No silos. Accurate budgets and plans with real time reporting and dashboards.

Reduce Risk

Available on premise or in the cloud. Deployed in as little as 2 weeks, customers report up to 400% ROI. Over 20 years success with large Enterprises.

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Why you should use A3 Solutions for your Financial Planning

Excel Spreadsheets are Here to Stay

Excel is the fountainhead of budgeting and planning. Its flexibility, accessibility, ease-of-use and universality make it a natural tool for developing budgets and forecasts.

A3 Solutions allows your organizational silos to keep their Excel spreadsheets, while simultaneously providing the unified budgeting, forecasting and consolidation that your business needs to financially thrive.

A Single Version of the Truth

Insist on a “single version of the truth;” there should not be a “consolidation step.” The moment an organizational head submits changes to their Excel spreadsheet budget tool, those change should be interactive, and consolidations instantaneous. Whether OLAP or relational, budgeters and financial planners must be confident they are interacting with the latest information…always.

Ease of Learning, Ease of Use

A tool isn’t effective if it isn’t being used. Being able to do budgeting and forecasting more frequently (monthly instead of quarterly; weekly instead of monthly) can help businesses drive better, perform faster and make more accurate decisions. That simply won’t happen if managers have to commit hours to learning a new suite of tools and processes. By the way, your organizations already know how to use Excel, right? If so, then they really have nothing else to learn.

Not Merely Integrated…Unified

How can A3 Modeling, with its flexibility, ease of deployment and comprehensiveness, deliver all of that for a price of a package? One word: Unified.

Using the Spreadsheet Application Server as its foundation, A3 Modeling delivers the comprehensive spectrum of Corporate Performance Management functionality in a single code-base going against a single database. Whether you are looking for Enterprise Budgeting, Rolling Forecasting, Statutory Consolidations, Management Reporting, Operational Modeling (mixed financial and non-financial data), or KPI Dashboards, there is just one product to install, one security scheme to set up and manage, and one database to feed from your transaction systems. A3 Modeling is designed to “snap-on” to any model, the “natural” model of your enterprise, regardless of business logic or dimensionality. No compromise. No costly workarounds.

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