A3 Modeling 2015 Receives Perfect Customer Ratings

The A3 Modeling 2015 has surpassed expectations!

October 4th, 2015 – A3 Modeling continues to build momentum even after 15 years in the financial modeling software space. A3 Solutions receives perfect "5's" in all 3 categories in recent reviews.

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A3 Modeling 2015 introduces enhanced calculation power and query performance elevating the following application areas to the highest in the industry:

  1. Driver-based Balance Sheet and Cashflow Forecasting.
  2. Multidimensional Revenue Modeling.
  3. Detailed Employee Compensation and Headcount Planning.
  4. Strategic Planning and Acquisition Modeling.

In one 5-star review, the Director of Enterprise Risk Management at Hilltop Holdings, Inc., writes, "A3 has the ability to adapt to any environment or industry. There are virtually no limits to customization or functionality. It has been able to replicate the most complex requirements in our financial reporting. Value – A3 provides equal or better performance and functionality as the name brand options at a fraction of the cost."

"It's great to get feedback from customers that's so overwhelmingly positive," said Rob Lautt, CEO of A3 Solutions. "A3 Modeling 2015 will make our customers even happier!"

Our customers tell us that A3 Modeling compared to competitors is faster to deploy, more flexible in the modeling of your business, easier and quicker for end-users, and up to 90% lower total cost to own. A3 Solutions has long-term reseller and engineering partnerships with industry leaders Microsoft and Oracle/Hyperion.

About A3 Solutions
A3 Solutions Inc. is the developer of A3 Modeling, the (un)CPM, for budgeting, forecasting and financial consolidations and reporting. Designed by Excel users, for Excel users, A3 Modeling is faster, better and cheaper than conventional CPMs. Fast-growing, independent and private, A3 Solutions has customers across North America, including world-class companies like Honda, Sunlife Insurance, Williams Sonoma, and more.

A3 Modeling, the (un)CPM