Affiliated Computer Systems Choses A3 Modeling

Fortune 500 juggernaut ACS goes with A3 Solutions because of powerful reporting

June 8th, 2014 – Affiliated Computer Systems selects A3 Modeling for advanced financial report. Affiliated Computer Systems, or ACS for short, offers outsourced IT and professional services to the largest companies worldwide. Employing over 74,000 people on 6 continents, ACS was a Fortune 500 company before being purchased by Xerox for $6.4 billion in 2010. With the acquisition came transition and new reporting and forecasting requirements. These requirements quickly became a source of pain and frustration and ACS tried to find a solution to meet them.

Before A3 Modeling
The main issue was new reporting requirements for fixed asset and balance sheet activity. With tens of thousands of transactions each month and a seemingly endless asset list of property, plants, and equipment, ACS struggled with new rules dictating that all balance sheet activity be categorized and reported monthly. After attempting to plug in at least three other brand name solutions, the team had nearly concluded the task to be impossible. It was simply too complicated for traditional statutory consolidation packages and there were simply too many line items for a human to track down every transaction individually and categorize by hand.

With A3 Modeling
Exhausted and still without a solution, ACS turned to A3 Modeling. After a quick prototype, A3 Modeling could automatically categorize each of the thousands of transactions and code every one against related fixed assets. The problem was, at long last, solved. The solution also allows for managerial review and overrides, and produces the required corporate reporting… all at the push of a button. It's all automatic and now each penny is explainable as fixed asset value fluctuates.

For ACS, A3 Modeling not only made this task easy, A3 made it possible.

About A3 Solutions
A3 Solutions Inc. is the developer of A3 Modeling, the (un)CPM, for budgeting, forecasting and financial consolidations and reporting. Designed by Excel users, for Excel users, A3 Modeling is faster, better and cheaper than conventional CPMs. Fast-growing, independent and private, A3 Solutions has customers across North America, including world-class companies like Honda, Sunlife Insurance, Williams Sonoma, and more.

A3 Modeling, the (un)CPM