A3 Modeling 2014 Benefits Customers with Nine Key Features

A3 Solutions provides lower ownership cost, modeling flexibility, other new features not available in competing products

March 3rd, 2014 – A3 Solutions, Inc. today announced A3 Modeling 2014, the latest version of the company's leading web-based platform for Enterprise Budgeting and Corporate Performance Management. With the goal of continuing to raise the industry bar for modeling flexibility and lower the total cost of ownership, the company has added nine key features to its flagship product. Corporate Performance Management (CPM) consists of budgeting, forecasting, profitability modeling, and KPI dashboards for the offices of Central Finance, Operations, Treasury, and Information Technology (IT).

Benefits of A3 Modeling 2014 include a smoother, quicker user experience via numerous specific report compilations; maximized reusable modeling objects; enhanced meta/data management; better visibility into all transactions; improved line item detail; and seamless solution migration between versions of the software.

"Simply touting 'single version of the truth' is no longer enough," stated Rob Lautt, Founder and CEO of A3 Solutions. "Increasingly, customers are choosing products in a way that plays to our strengths. What we have is innovative technology in our patent-pending spreadsheet automation server, which provides the rare combination of highest flexibility and lowest total cost of ownership. That is our niche."

Features of A3 Modeling 2014

Continuing a string of groundbreaking annual releases, A3 Solutions is introducing nine (9) key features:

  1. A3 Unified Reporting: Push button, WYSIWYG ("what-you-see-is-what-you-get"), multimedia report compilations ready for management, the boardroom, or statutory submissions. (See A3 Unified Reporting.)
  2. The Studio, Overhauled: New Model Authoring Studio optimized to maximize the power of A3 Modeling reusable objects.
  3. Cube Management: Better management of cube data and metadata without leaving the A3 Modeling Studio.
  4. Drill-Through: Click any value at any time to view underlying transactions, even scanned invoice detail.
  5. Line Item Detail: Flexible, configurable, quick to deploy, easy to use.
  6. Dependent Selections: User experience is easier, quicker, and more intuitive by elimination of confusing and irrelevant choices.
  7. Application Import/Export: Smooth migration of solutions between versions of A3 Modeling.
  8. Enhanced Workflow: Improved and more configurable email notifications and convenient Task Pane.
  9. Announcement Broadcast: Administrators can email and post announcements conveniently and quickly by security group.

About A3 Solutions
A3 Solutions Inc. is the developer of A3 Modeling, the (un)CPM, for budgeting, forecasting and financial consolidations and reporting. Designed by Excel users, for Excel users, A3 Modeling is faster, better and cheaper than conventional CPMs. Fast-growing, independent and private, A3 Solutions has customers across North America, including world-class companies like Honda, Sunlife Insurance, Williams Sonoma, and more.

A3 Modeling, the (un)CPM