Customer Successes

A3 Modeling is used by companies of all sizes across a wide array of industries to address mission critical Corporate Performance Management (CPM) processes. Here are some customer case studies and highlights (by industry) describing how each has put A3 Modeling to innovative use.

Customer Whitepapers & Case Studies

Plains Capital Bank

In implementing the A3 Modeling, PlainsCapital gained a faster, easier, and more accurate way to develop and access corporate wide data. Processes which used to take a week to produce data, are now accomplished in an hour.

Fortune 100 Grocery Retailer

A3 Modeling enables the “Holy Grail” of retail planning in two major areas: backstage expense planning (including fixed corporate office expenses) and store sales planning.

The City of Reno

The City of Reno, NV faced a common problem for mid sized municipalities: a sprawling, seemingly untamable, bureaucratic budgeting process. With A3 Solutions Reno found a solution that delivered them accelerated financial decision making and certainty in the midst of chaos.

Customers and Industries


Cox Communications

$7B US cable operator. Using A3 for integrated, driver-based budgeting and management reporting, including detailed employee salary and benefits.

Insight Communications (ICCI)

$1B regional cable operator. Using A3 for integrated enterprise compensation, revenue, expense, and driver-based allocations.

Verizon (VZ)

$70B Telecommunications provider . Using A3 for integration of diversified revenue models. Product and geographical profitability forecasts. Enterprise budgeting with compensation modeling.


Air Canada (ACE-RV.TO)

$8B Canadian Airline.

American Airlines (AMR)

$20B US Airline. Using A3 for expense budgeting with management and executive reporting, as well as detailed regional labor allocations and analysis.

American Eagle Airlines

Regional commuter airline wholly owned by AMR Corporation. Using A3 for enterprise planning based on detailed compensation and capital, general revenue and expense allocation models.


Safeway (SWY)

$37B Food and drug retailer. Using A3 to integrate store, departmental and regional forecasts.

Williams-Sonoma (WSM)

$3B Specialty Retailer. Using A3 for retail planning that integrates corporate and operational forecasts, spanning compensation, capital, revenue and expense.

IT & Professional Services

Affiliated Computer Systems

A Xerox Company, ACS is a $5B IT Services company. Using A3 for automating existing spreadsheet models to enable enterprise-wide, driver-based budgeting and allocations.

Maximus (MMS)

$700M Government Services & Training. Using A3 for project planning for labor, direct costs, and revenue, and business unit planning for financial statement accounts (GL).

Financial Services


$5.5B (assets) Canadian retirement fund. Using A3 for complex modeling and allocations for retirement funds observing foreign tax and compensation rules.

Fonds de Solidarite' des Travailleurs du

T.RowePrice (TROW)

$1.5B Mutual funds and advisory. Using A3 for integration of complex models for budgeting and revenue forecasts of financial services and mutual funds operation.

Sun Life Financial (SLF)

$17B Wealth accumulation and protection. Using A3 for Integrated enterprise planning.

T.Rowe Price


Johnson & Johnson (JNJ)

$50B Pharmaceutical and Healthcare. Using A3 for complex R&D project modeling that integrates human resource allocations with operational models for capital projects and manufacturing.

Johnson & Johnson

Manufacturing & Distribution

Honda Manufacturing

Division of American Honda Motor Co. Using A3 for the complex product and cost planning processes automated for improved efficiency and analysis of product cost.

Honda Manufacturing


Division of Toyota Motor Corporation. Using A3 for complex capital asset planning processes automated for improved efficiency and analysis.


Avon (AVP)

$8B Global manufacturer and marketer of beauty products. Using A3 for automation of operational models for retail planning and market campaign planning and analysis.