A3 Modeling Replaces Hyperion Planning at National TV Network (Part 1)

Multi-billion Dollar Enterprise to Implement Integrated Revenue, Expense, Balance Sheet and Cashflow Forecasting Model

A3 Solutions Beats Oracle Hyperion

A National TV Network recently selected A3 Modeling to replace Hyperion Planning to enable 100s of users to plan revenue, access financial reports on-demand, and automate financial consolidations and dashboards.

Companies looking to improve their CPM technology usually face a difficult process by which they research and evaluate numerous off the shelf options. Many are similar and, not surprisingly, they all claim to be the best. Ultimately, companies must choose whichever solution is within their budget and whose sales team they believe most. A3 is removing all of this uncertainty by providing all prospective customers with a customized model of their business, the way they run it, using their real, live data. A3’s free account takes the ambiguity, guesswork, and luck out of choosing a solution and shows exactly how A3’s flexible and powerful technology will improve efficiency, save man-hours, and drastically cut costs.

Replacing Hyperion is nothing new for A3. There are a numerous reasons for this. We grew up on Essbase, 20 years ago when it was the only cube in town, and we retain those loyal, long-term customers including large organizations like: T.Rowe Price, SunLife Financial, Williams Sonoma, and American Airlines.

When Hyperion engaged their crusade to eradicate spreadsheets with Hyperion Planning, we diversified our A3 Modeling support to include the only other robust OLAP cube, Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services.

Now, with 10 years’ experience running on both SQL Server and Essbase, I can definitively say that A3 Modeling on SQL Server meets or exceeds Hyperion Planning on Essbase in all the ways that finance users care about.

  • Faster calculations & response time
  • Lower cost
  • More flexible to implement
  • Administrator is self-sufficient
  • Can handle more dimensions and data
  • Richer content and presentation flexibility to make end users more productive
  • Reduced or eliminated ongoing consulting requirement

About the Author:

A3 Solutions is the developer of A3 Modeling, a powerful enterprise budgeting, forecasting, reporting and performance management platform. Inspired by the needs of Fortune 500 customers solving real-world problems, A3 Modeling enables you to solve the most challenging budgeting and Corporate Performance Management problems easily and cost effectively.