Empowering Finance Teams

That's our goal – to get there, A3 Solutions is pioneering the (un)CPM. This unique approach to budgeting, forecasting, reporting, and consolidation respects where finance teams are today and leverages the investments they have already made.

A3 Solutions builds on your finance teams' strengths, leverages their skills, and extends their existing Excel environments. No wholesale change, no new skills, no consultants or IT resources required. There's no risk   only reward, and that's why we call it the (un)CPM.

We are proud to be:

Meet our Management Team

Rob Lautt, Founder and CEO
Rob is a graduate of Princeton University School of Engineering. After 15-year career in Finance and IT departments in manufacturing and distribution industries, he founded A3 Solutions in 1988, and he is the visionary behind the A3 Modeling platform. Through his work implementing enterprise software for business intelligence, corporate performance management, budgeting, and analysis, Rob has pursued a life-long commitment to deploy technology to empower greater achievement.

Stuart Ratner, COO
Stuart is among the most experienced performance management system architects in the world, having designed and delivered systems to companies like American Airlines, IBM, and Safeway Stores. He studied business, computer science, and mathematics at the University of California. For the past 25 years, he has helped customers solve analytic problems.

Jim Gagnard, Advisor
Jim is the CEO of Smart Signal Corporation, a venture-backed technology company. He has 25 years of experience leading both large and small technology companies. Prior to joining Smart Signal, Mr. Gagnard lead the growth and exit of several enterprise software firms, including Questra, Launchpoint, Diffusion, Vignette, and Trinzic Corporation.

A3 Modeling, the (un)CPM