A3 Management

A3 Solutions is the developer of A3 Modeling, a powerful enterprise budgeting, forecasting, reporting and performance management platform. Inspired by the needs of Fortune 500 customers solving real-world problems, A3 Modeling enables you to solve the most challenging budgeting and Corporate Performance Management problems easily and cost effectively. Our customers tell us that A3 Modeling compared to competitors is faster to deploy, more flexible in the modeling of your business, easier and quicker for end-users, and 90% lower total cost to own.

Rob Lautt, founder and CEO, is a graduate of Princeton University School of Engineering. Veteran in both finance and IT departments in manufacturing and distribution industries, Mr. Lautt is the visionary behind A3 Modeling and the Spreadsheet Automation Server that powers it.

Stuart Ratner, COO, is among the most experienced performance management system architects in the world, having designed and delivered systems to companies like American Airlines, IBM, and Safeway Stores. Mr. Ratner studied business, computer science and mathematics at the University of California before entering industry where he has been helping customers solve analytic problems for 25 years.

Jim Gagnard, Board Member, is the CEO of Smart Signal Corporation, a venture-backed technology company. Mr. Gagnard has 25 years of experience leading both large and small technology companies. Prior to Smart Signal, Mr. Gagnard lead the growth and exit of a number of enterprise software firms including Questra, Launchpoint, Diffusion, Vignette, and Trinzic Corporation.